"Many Things In Life Can Seem Impossible At First...             Until You Do It Once, After That It Becomes Easy... "

What Is Bitcoin and How Can YOU Profit From It?

Bitcoin price is 3 times the value of gold. The IRS just lost in court. It is now federally recognized as a currency and not a commodity.

If the transaction between 2 parties is less than $20000 us currency equivalency it does not need to be reported for taxation.

It is reported this market will grow to 5 trillion in the next 4 years. It is currently at around 200 billion in market cap. It is gaining most rapidly in online purchases and also majorly clear as to why brick and mortar is now being replaced by click and order.

When a merchant receives cryptocurrency in its wallet it is paid at that moment no need to wait for bank processing and returns or fraud, fees etc.

This industry will change the health insurance, life insurance, banking industry and all other governmental regulated industries making it easier for people to do business on a global basis. 
This will become the biggest redistribution of wealth that has ever happened.

This will be known as the greatest disruption in business in the history of the world. The opportunity to get in before the masses is right now, all you need to do is seek guidance and education."

The Future Of Currency

I have been in online marketing full time for over 10 years, and while I do have other streams of income online, I have chosen to primarailly focus my business around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

Unlike regular money that is controlled, inflated and devalued by dis-honest governments and corrupt banking systems that control other world finance, Bitcoin gives back control to us, the people.

Bitcoin is totally de-centralized which means no banks, no intermediary fees, no prying eyes, no limitiations, no chargebacks and complete freedom of how and where we send our money and with total privacy, security and peace of mind.

Bitcoin is going to do to the banking system what email did to the postal service, and its already happeneing.

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