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Creating your own successful online business means you can work from anywhere in the world (all you need is a computer and internet connection), and you can have true freedom. Not only financial freedom.. to be able to buy the things you desire for your self and your family is great, but what is even more important is the TIME FREEDOM it can give you. Being in control of your life to do what you want when you want, spend more time with the peope you want to and not have the usual day to day stress of a 9 - 5 Job which leaves you Just Over Broke is what is is all about. The KEY to this is..... MULTIPLE STREAMS OF RESIDUAL INCOME.... PASSIVE INCOME!

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So who am I, what am I about, and more importantly how can I help you?

"Many Things In Life Can Seem Impossible At First... Until You Do It Once, After That It Becomes Easy... "

My name is Dan White, I have been marketing online for a many years now, and after many years learning the ropes in internet marketing, I have managed to make my internet business as passive as possible, giving me multiple streams of income.
Now my business isn't 100% passive but I have been able to manage it in such a way that I only deal with people who are interested in a product or opportunity I am involved in. I don't have to cold call leads or lists or send emails out to all my friends or hound family members..... ( no-one really wants to do that right ? ). The people who come to me now already know a little bit about me and they know I am serious about their business and success. The refreshing thing about this is that I only speak about business to those who want to speak to me about it..."Great ! "

 A long time ago I realized the massive potential of Internet Marketing. But the road to Internet Success was not a smooth one as I am sure you have experienced too. I spent way too much time and money in the beginning on useless products and the latest "shiny object" opportunity that promised the earth but delivered nothing. Finally I was able to learn what works when it comes to generating profits online. It is my online marketing business which has given me multiple streams of residual income and more importantly than money alone has enabled me to have more free time to do the things I want to do.

Those people that work with me will know I am always honest and sincere about any product or opportunity that I promote. If you would like to know more about how to make a part time income from home to help cover some  bills, or even build a 5 or 6 figure income where you can fire your boss! I would love to work with, but on ONE condition... YOU MUST TAKE ACTION.  I am always happy to help others, I can provide you with tools, proven systems... and a startegy that works like gang busters, but you are in control of your own destiny. If you do nothing, nothing will happen.

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